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  • 7 Pixie Cuts That You Can’t Miss (And How To Get Them)



    Those who are brave enough to get their locks chopped are rewarded with some of the cutest, yet sassiest of pixie cuts and that is why we LOVE them!


    Pixie cuts were classically known as a closely cut hair do’ rocked by those with more elfin like features. Today, however, this iconic hairstyles is broadening out into new realms. From curly crops to tousled trims, there’s a cut out there to suit you and your personality.


    Popularised back in the 50’s, by the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, pixie’s have gone from strength to strength since.


    One of the most iconic wearers of this do’ has got to be supermodel Twiggy, inspiring women around the globe to take a trip to the hairdressers.


    We love that these confident females have paved the way for one of the world’s biggest hairstyles.


    pixie cuts


    The Tools For the Perfect Pixie Cut


    To perfect the pixie cut it’s not as simple as just hacking away those long locks… uh huh!


    If you’re not going to have much hair, then it needs to be preened to perfection and each cut counts. If you want an edgy cut, then your stylist needs to think about “choppiness” and differing snipping directions. If you want a sleek crop, then a perfectly aligned blunt cut is the way to go.


    Enter Jaguar scissors. The creme de la creme of affordable styling without compromising on quality. These German manufactured tools are known for their precision and are highly touted as one of the best brands on the market - with super stylist Nicky Clarke being a fan!


    A pixie cut will be a breeze for a stylist who’s got their hands on one of these bad boys!


    If you want to brighten up your new pixie cut with a brand new colour look no further than Arctic Fox. Their bold colours and cruelty-free formula has made them Insta-famous. You can even dilute them if you after something a bit more subdued. Go on, we dare ya...


    Our Top Pixie Looks and How to Get Them


    Plaited Pixie



    Who said gals with short hair can’t rock some braids? We love this look - short on the sides and rockin’ some extra length on top making cute styles like this super doable. And why stop at braids? Try space buns, or a cute ponytail or maybe even bouffant it up.

    Psst..We also think diluting a little bit of Arctic Fox’sSterling’ or ‘Periwinkle’ would add an extra edge to this sassy platinum blonde colour.


    Red Vixen


    Credits: sheilinha.yyz


    This flirty look is a surefire way to get noticed. Shorter on the sides and extra volume on top - we’re obsessed! That swept over fringe look is everything. Plus, you can play around with this cut depending on your mood that day - yessss!

    Not to mention that bright red hue she’s rockin’ which you can achieve yourself with the ‘Poison’ shade of the Arctic Fox range.


    Retro Pink Pixie


    Credits: memadlen


    You can’t go wrong with a classic, and that rule doesn’t change when it comes to pixie cuts. We are totally in love with this shortly cropped and choppy style that is giving us some serious 60’s vibes.

    However, this retro look has been modernised with an unmissable splash of pink. Get this baby pink tint by diluting Arctic Fox’s ‘Virgin Pink’ hue.


    Statement Style



    Credits: jpbambam


    WOW! That is one way to make a pixie cut standout. From the platinum silver to the huge mohican, and even those shaved in lines - we’re in love! That extra length on the top gives you some play-room, so if you’re feeling like a rocker chick one day - get spiking. Maybe you’re feeling all festival-esque next and you can still rock some mini space buns. We’re all about the versatility.

    If you love this super silver sheen then Arctic Fox’s colour ‘Sterling’ after a little diluting is your match made in heaven.


    Sunset Inspired Sleek


    Credits: _fox_trott_


    This pixie cut means business. That back fade though - we like! The carefully placed and cut edges of this cut really give it a structured shape that looks sleek.

    If you like a ‘tousled but tailored’ hair look then this is definitely the chop for you. Get those sunset inspired hues by mixing two Arctic Fox colours, ‘Sunset Orange’ and ‘Poison’.


    Cute ‘n’ Curly



    This do’ is what curly pixie dreams are made of. We literally cannot get over how super cute this style looks - we want! If you have naturally curly hair (or maybe you’re a fan of rollers) then this is the perfect way to show off those ringlets.

    You might think chopping off some length will lose your curl definition - gurllll this style proves you wrong! If anything definition is back and better than ever!

    Get that jet black colour with Arctic Fox’s ‘Transylvania’ shade. If you want to get in on that navy hair trend mix in some of their dark blue shade, ‘Poseidon’.


    Envious Pixie Bob


    Credits: sarahxfierce


    Love a pixie, love a bob, can’t decide? Why bother when you can have both? A two-in-one perhaps? Get that sleek side part, synonymous with a classic bob, but go shorter. Trust us you won’t regret it.

    Whilst we LOVE how straight and shiny this do is, we think that green colour gives it a little je ne sais quoi! Make everyone envious with this dark, mysterious green shade, ‘Phantom Green’ from Arctic Fox.


    Get Choppin’...


    Okay, so we’re now convinced that a pixie cut is the most versatile haircut that ANYONE can rock. With a good hairdressing hand (who has a fab pair of scissors) anyone can achieve a close crop that suits their personality and face shape.

    Short sides, curly crop, sleek edges…. You name it, you can have it with a pixie cut!

    Plus we love how you can inject vibrancy into any pixie cut with some colour. We love Arctic Fox’s range as they celebrate all haircuts and the people sporting them, championing adventurous looks - so go for it!

  • Glitter Beards: How To Get Your Facial Fuzz to Sparkle


    Feeling fancy? Need a way to creatively express yourself?

    Get yourself a glitter beard!

    A glitter beard? we hear you say! What the…

    With an unbelievably high uptake amongst bearded hipsters in more recent years, glitter beards are here to stay. Yes, they might seem a novelty idea for the festive season, but there are so many other perfect occasions to add some sparkle to your beard. Think festivals, parties, fancy dress, going to the supermarket…

    We LOVE a glitter beard. It’s a brilliant way to showcase your personality, have a little fun and show that you don’t take life too seriously!


    glitter beards



    Get Glitter Ready


    So, you’re ready to sport a fine looking glitter beard, but HOLD UP!


    You can’t just go rushing into these things without a little prep work. Luckily, we’ve got a few simple steps and some top notch products to get you glitter ready.


    Firstly, you want to shape your beard - work with what your mama gave you! Whether you have a mighty bush of a beard, or a more modest speckling of hair, grooming is key - and a good trim can make the world of difference.


    With the Wahl Bella Cordless Professional Hair Trimmer you can de-fuzz those unruly and stray hairs and define the shape of that facial fuzz. What happens if your bathroom is plugless but the best place with natural light? No worries… it’s cordless - we love it!


    bella cordless


    To keep your beard in line whilst shaving, a good comb is a vital tool! Krest’s Goldilocks Tapered Barber Comb is ideal for a variety of beard lengths and thicknesses - plus you can use it to style your hair too. It’s hard wearing, heat and chemical resistant and it certainly won’t break the bank.




    It’s time to get washing! A clean beard is key to allowing the glitter to shine at its best!


    If you’re going to be sporting a bushy beard then amp up the volume even more. We love Schwarzkopf’s Volume Boost Shampoo to add extra oomph to those facial hairs! The added bamboo life complex boosts the volume of even the finest of hairs and leaves a squeaky clean, shiny finish!


    For those of you with more demure, sleek and streamlined beard we know you’ll love Schwarzkopf’s Smooth Shine Shampoo. This formula will tame even the most stubborn of hairs leaving a slick and shiny finish.


    Then, no matter what your beard type, finish off with Schwarzkopf’s Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner. This unique spray formulation makes finishing off your beard washing routine super easy and fuss-free - leaving your facial hair super hydrated and healthy!



    Even if you have little or no beard, prep the skin with a good facial serum to get ready for glitter application. Not only will the Natural Look Bioactive Serum leave your skin tightened and ready to sparkle, but it also fights the signs of aging - bonus!

    bioactive serum


    Get Your Glitz On

    We love ALL glitter beards, so we’ve rounded up some brilliant looks - and how to achieve them - for all shapes and sizes. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you make of it…


    For Bushy Boys

    If you’ve got a big beard and you ain’t afraid to show it then you simply MUST cover all of it in glitter NOW!


    To get this look you need to first apply a generous amount of beard oil. This will act as the ‘glue’ so the glitter is able to stick. Our favourite is this super affordable Wahl Traditional Barbers Beard Oil. Packed full of natural oils this will help to hydrate your hairs and skin, as well as holding that glitter in place!


    Wahl Traditional Barbers Beard Oil


    Once you’ve oiled up, spray all your hairs with this Tattoo Spray in the colour Spectral Golden. This will add more colour to your beard and make the glitter stand out even more. Plus it’s non-toxic and temporary, so they’re completely safe to use and will wash out!

    With your neck stuck out, it’s time to carefully tip the glitter (psst.. we like this one!) over the beard to get it to stick. Try to catch any fall-out to sprinkle over again (or save for next time). It’s probably a good idea to wear a cape or a t-shirt that could probably do with some glitzing!

    Set all that good stuff in place with Schwarzkopf’s Osis Session which is the ultimate extreme hold hairspray and adds an additional (and most welcome) shininess to your masterpiece!


    For Close-Shaven Guys


    Hey, just because your beard is kept short, doesn’t mean it has to be subtle - throw some glitter on it!

    Again, you’ll want to start with Wahl’s Traditional Barbers Beard Oil to act as the adhesive first off. Then for the silver look spray your beard area with Tattoo Spray in Midnight Silver.


    Tattoo Spray in Midnight Silver


    Now you’ll want to apply the glitter a little more carefully than those with more voluminous beards. Take an Eyeshadow Sponge Applicator (these are ideally precise for packing on the sparkles) and dip it into the pot of glitter - we think these silver sparkles are perfect. Then dab the glitter into place over the beard hairs.

    Set that all in place with a generous spray of Schwarzkopf’s Osis Session extreme hold hairspray - voila!

    (Note: You may need to dampen the sponge tip of the applicator to be able to get the glitter out of the pot)


    For Beard-Less Lads

    Struggling to grow a beard? Luckily the glitter beard trend doesn’t require actual facial hairs to still look awesome!

    To adorn your face with sparkles, sans beard, you’ll need to start by applying glue stick glue to the fake beard area. We recommend you use these non-toxic ones from Amazon which are super duper value.

    Then you want to spray the area, more carefully this time, with Tattoo Spray in the shade Passionate Kiss Red. Once you’re happy with your shape and colour coverage it’s time to grab those Eyeshadow Sponge Applicators and this fabulous pot of fine red glitter and get to dabbing!

    Seal it all in with some spritzes of Schwarzkopf’s Osis Session extreme hold hairspray and go and show off your sparkle!


    Dazzle on Up

    Why stop there, try these looks too...

    Get your brows in on the action by using either beard oil or non-toxic glue stick glue as the adhesive depending on how bushy your brows are, then add your glitter of choice!

    Credits: @andpause


    Mardi Gras eat your heart out! Get your beard festival ready with some mixed sized chunky glitter!


    Get extremely festive! Why stop at glitter. If you’re feeling some beard decoration, don some baubles on that hairy goodness and give everyone a laugh!

    Credits: Beard Baubles

    Sparkle On



    Go forth, exude confidence and sport your very own glitter beard. Whether you prefer a classic one colour show or a full on rainbow of glitter, it doesn’t matter - there are no rules!

    With the right products (like the ones we mentioned in this article) and patience, you can create something that is truly Insta-Worthy!

    Make sure to tag us in your glitter beard creations on Instagram (@beautopia_australia)!


  • The 5-Step Guide To Prepare For Your High School Formal


    Thinking about formal already?


    We get you. From choosing the perfect dress to planning your hairstyle for the night, there's so much to do!


    This is probably the most important event of not only Year 12, but quite possibly your whole high school calendar.


    But, hey, there’s not need to worry with our super easy to follow 5-step guide for preparing for your high school formal...


    1. The Dress


    Okay, let’s start with arguably the most important step… the dress!

    It’s the perfect opportunity to wear a statement piece that perfectly reflects your personality. Whether you’re a princess at heart or prefer something a little more boho chic, the right dress is out there waiting for you.

    Start looking a few months in advance to get an idea of styles and prices. Try to visit a few boutiques to have some try on sessions too, as dresses can often look completely different when you try it on, than what you had in mind. Plus it’s great to get an idea of sizing at this stage.

    We know how costly the dress of your dreams can be, so if your budget is tight try hire sites such as Glam Corner to help you skimp on cost rather than style.


    high school formal dress


    2. The Skin


    Pimples you are not welcome to the high school formal, thank you very much!

    To avoid those dreaded breakouts, make sure to get into good skincare habits well in advance to ensure your face is glowing and radiant on the big day. Also book any waxing and threading with enough time to spare so you’re skin isn’t red, blotchy and inflamed on formal night.

    When it comes to your all over body glow-up, skip the sun damage and get in the spray booth. Book at least a few weeks ahead to get the perfect appointment slot so your spray tan looks it’s best during your formal. We recommend either early the day before or two days ahead.

    However, with MineTan 1 hour solution means any of you less organised formal-ers are still good to go!

    With formulations for every skin type and tone, MineTan can give you a sun-kissed shine without looking cakey or patchy.

    If you’re worried about looking like an orangutan, MineTan leaves you bronzed, not orange. So if you are after the perfect tan, look for salons that stock this tan-tastic range!


    white skin


    3. The Nails


    If there was ever an excuse to go all out with your nails, then your high school formal is the perfect one.

    Book in advance if you’re planning to get treated to a salon manicure. If you’re more of a DIY kind of gal, then make sure to leave enough time to carefully shape and polish those claws!

    Bold nails not your thing? A simple french manicure or even a quick tidy up of the nails with a clear coat can do wonders. Your nails will look super healthy and will be on par with the rest of your look!

    False nails are also a great choice if you don’t have much of a natural nail to work with, or perhaps painting your nails is not your strong point.

    Plus, fake nails comes in all shapes, sizes and designs so you’re bound to find the right ones for you!




    4. The Hair


    If you’re looking for a quick change to make a statement at your formal, go for clip in hair extensions. You can easily apply at home or can ask a salon to cut to suit your hair and apply for you. Plus, you’ve got them for keeps and can wear them for all those other fancy occasions you have coming up after HSC!

    We love the Grace clip-ins as they’re made from 100% remy hair - which is the best trust us! They are super good quality, won’t tangle and are crazy easy to place in your hair. Plus, they’ll give you that princess-esque vibe if you wear your hair down and wavy - dreamy!


    hair extensions


    Maybe your formal is the perfect excuse for a long awaited hair change. Just make sure to book in advance and maybe even go for a practice run, if an updo or particular style is what you’re after. Perhaps a new hair colour, or a bit of balayage takes your fancy as this salon offers.

    Whatever you decide, make sure you feel confident and secure in your formal do!


    5. The Makeup


    We’ve reached the final!

    To ensure you look radiant, either have a run through with your makeup artist or your own routine in advance. It’s important to do this to test out the look and timing as well as ensuring the products you use agree with your skin.

    Pick products that offer the coverage you want and make you feel confident. If you’re not a heavy makeup wearer, a full coverage foundation will make you feel uncomfortable, so don’t stray too far from the norm.

    A step not to miss though is lashes!

    A good lash will make you stand out, that’s for sure! We love Ardell’s magnetic lashes! They’re the perfect way to make your eyes pop without the need for tricky application. Plus you don’t need to cart around your lash glue for emergency lash fixing mid-formal.

    All you need to do is apply one strip above and one below your natural lashes and let science do its thing. The magnets will attract and your lashes are in place - ta da!

    No tantrums, tears or accidentally stabbing yourself in the eye - it really is that simple!




    It’s Formal Time

    You’ve made it - with glowing skin and lashes to the heavens looking super glamourous and ready to party!

    Now remember...have fun you only have your year 12 formal once - woohoo!

  • Keratin Treatment: What It Is and Why It's So Popular


    The daily struggle to taming wild and unruly hair in a world stressed for time is a chore no woman needs.

    Short term solutions products may offer the same help, however they are only short term.

    The keratin restores and rebuild the hair making it smoother, stronger and shinier.


    smooth hair


    For all you hairdressers out there, how many clients do you feel come in with unrealistic hair expectations? You know the ones with the hair that puffs out at the slightest hint of humidity, but they want to leave with the sleekest, straightest hair?


    Well, what if we told you that you no longer have to figure out how to gently let your clients down...


    Say Hello to the Hair Taming Game Changer


    Brasil Cacau is the perfect hair perfecting solution. Taking even the frizziest and unruliest of hair and turning into a picture of sleek, shiny, smooth goodness.


    It’s a revolutionary, salon only treatment, that transforms hair with results lasting up to 7 to 8 weeks. Yep, really!


    Just take a look at this before and after if you don’t believe us:


    keratin treatment


    Impressive, huh!?


    However, this treatment isn’t just for those with curly and frizzy hair. If you have naturally straight hair you can have benefits too! The treatment promotes strength and hair health as well as smooth hair. Just take a look at the following before and after…

    The magic of the Brasil Cacau treatment lies mainly within 3 ingredients...

    ●     Keratin

    This is the protein that makes up hair, it’s added into the treatment to strengthen and realign hair cuticles.

    ●     Cocoa

    To brighten and protect the hair’s colour, cocoa is added for it’s powerful antioxidant properties.

    ●     Acetic Acid

    Finally, acetic acid helps to maintain the smooth, sleek finish for a long time.


    It’s no wonder that this keratin treatment is rising in popularity! With ingredients like these, your hair will be nourished as well as full of life and lustre.


    Step-by-Step to Smooth Hair


    The Brasil Cacau keratin treatment provides some serious results. In fact, it should come with a jealousy warning as everybody is bound to have hair envy once they see the results!


    For a treatment this intensive it needs to be carried out by a professional. All hair dressers are trained to perform this type of process and will use to following steps to achieve the optimal results...


    1. Anti Residue Shampoo

    Hair firstly needs to be washed with the anti residue shampoo by massaging it into the hair and leaving for 5 minutes before rinsing and repeating if necessary.




    This alkaline shampoo thoroughly cleans the hair and open up the cuticles ready for the second step. It’s an important part of the process, as preparing the hair correctly allows for deep penetration of the keratin treatment, allowing it to work effectively.


    1. Hair Drying

    Only 80% of the hair needs to be dried following the shampooing process.


    1. Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction

    This is where it gets a bit technical. The hair needs to be split into sections so the thermal reconstruction treatment can be applied near the roots and combed through. Realigning of the cuticles and hair smoothing are the main aims of this second product. This is where the main benefits - hair smoothing and brightening - are added to reach that desired end result. No rushing, as slapping it on won’t have the same effect!


    thermal reconstruction


    1. Cold Hair Drying

    The rest of the hair needs to be dried using cold air only, drying 2 strands at a time after the application of the reconstruction product. This then needs to be repeated on the rest of the sections.


    1. Flat Iron

    To achieve the straight and sleek look the hair needs to be split into 4 sections with each strand of separated hair being straightened 7-10 times.


    1. Deep Conditioning Mask

    Once the hair has been completely straightened, it needs to be rinsed with the Deep Conditioning Mask to follow. Once applied this has to be left for 3 to 6 minutes to lock in and prolong the smoothing effects of the treatment, before washing off.



    1. Primer

    As an added heat protecting step, the pre-styling leave in primer can be applied before drying and styling hair in the preferred way.



    To maintain and upkeep the effects of the treatment, Brasil Cacau have also produced a range of products to use outside of the salon. Their anti-frizz shampoo and anti-frizz conditioner will tame flyaways and the hydrating hair complex mask keeps hair nourished, reducing the likelihood of split ends - yay!


    Say Hello to Healthy Hair


    healthy hair


    Brasil Cacau is the perfect one brand solution to solve many hair gripes and achieve hair desires. Say goodbye to unruly, frizzy hair and hello to gorgeous, sleek hair that is oh so easy to maintain!


    Gone are the days of furiously brushing knots, in fact, the Brasil Cacau keratin treatment can leave hair healthier. With correct maintenance hair will look shinier than ever with reduced flyaways and split ends - sign us up!


    Final FAQ’s


    What’s the protocol with colouring hair around the time of having the Brasil Cacau keratin treatment?


    To ensure the best results from the keratin treatment, it is advised that any hair colouring is carried out 2 days before.


    Can the treatment be used on pregnant women or children?


    No. Although there are no harmful chemicals involved with the Brasil Cacau keratin treatment, it is best to avoid applying the treatment on pregnant women and children under the age of 12.


    Should the Keratin Treatment (product 2) come into contact with the scalp?


    No. If the client has very sensitive skin, the product could cause some scalp flaking. However, this can be rectified by applying some of the anti-frizz shampoo or a saline solution. Apply the product in broad sections to avoid scalp contact.


    Is it advisable to carry out a strand test before application?


    It’s always best to patch test before any treatment, therefore we recommend carrying this out 24-48 hours before application. Although a reaction is not common, some individuals may react adversely to the formula.

  • 5 Effortless Ways to Look Stunning for Your Friday Night Out

    Going out is the perfect way to end a long, hard work week. Or if you’re a bit adventurous it may even be a mid-week treat. However, as the saying goes (kinda) with a great night out comes great responsibility - getting ready.


    Whilst some have perfected their beauty regimes down to the tee, some of us are not so organised. If that’s you, you can probably relate to the following:


    • Losing the sight of your bedroom under a mountain of clothes, but exclaiming ‘I have nothing to wear!’


    • Shouting and swearing at your straighteners that have burnt you at least 10 times now.


    • Declaring ‘I’m not going out!’ after an unsuccessful hunt for your favourite pair of shoes.


    Girlllll, it’s gonna be okay! Getting ready doesn’t have to be a stressful situation anymore.


    We’ve got 5 super simple, super easy and super effortless tips for you to look ultra-glam on your next night out.


    Get a Full Body Glow-Over


    Fake tanning at home is a lot of effort, we get it! However, a spray tan is a piece of cake - just step into the booth and let someone else do the hard work! You don’t even have to worry about having a dodgy looking, patchy tan!


    I know what you’re thinking... you need to be organised when it comes to booking spray tans. You usually have to wait 8 hours after being sprayed before washing them off, and that means getting your life in order.


    Well times have changed...


    At Beautopia we stock the MineTan spray tan range which can be washed off after just 1 hour! So if you’re in a time crunch, you no longer have to skip the glow.


    Not only that, but they cater for all skin tones, desired results and skin types! From bronzed Brazilian beach babe to sun-kissed European goddess, MineTan delivers! You won’t even leave the salon smelling funky as their formulas are unscented - finally!


    We’re sure any beauticians out there are already sold on this range, however, if you’re not in the salon industry, get your local beauty parlour to stock MineTan so your spray tan will always look flawless.


    Minetan SprayTan Girl


    2. Lash Out


    Lashes can be difficult to navigate. However, a good pair, and the right application, can really create a stand-out look.


    If you want to make your eyes pop, then false lashes are the solution. You won’t even need to worry about your mascara running!


    The Ardell falsies are our absolute faves, and lucky for you we stock them here at Beautopia!


    They are also a staple for makeup artists and beauty gurus alike, thanks to the fact that they’re super comfortable to wear, and not to mention, easy to apply.


    If that wasn’t enough, Ardell lashes are some of the most affordable on the market, without compromising on quality.


    The Demi-Wispies have become something of a cult favourite amongst lash lovers. They offer a natural looking finish, whilst providing that length and volume you desire. A perfect, all round, eye-batting lash.


    3. Bullet Proof Your Hair and Makeup


    If you’re a dancefloor warrior, or maybe you often find yourself in busy bars and clubs, you have probably fallen victim to the smudged makeup and flat hair look. Don’t worry, we know you didn’t leave the house looking like that!


    When we spend so much time perfecting our image before a night out, the LAST thing we want is to see pictures of us looking dishevelled on social media the next day - cringe!


    The key to keeping your hair and makeup looking fresh all night long is a few, super simple and quick preparatory steps…


    When it comes to makeup you want to get your face ready with a primer. A decent primer will stop your makeup from sliding around and can even make your skin look smoother and more youthful - yes please!


    Once you’ve finished applying your makeup you’ll want a few spritzes of setting spray. This will lock in all that hard work meaning your make-up ain’t budging!


    For hair, a decent hairspray is the way to go. A firm or super-firm hold is the go-to for a full-on night out. Spray away and set that style in place - even if you’re going for the straight look. No flyaways here thank you very much!


    perfect hair


    4. Tame Those Brows


    Your face is a picture and your brows are its frame, so it’s time to give them some polishing.


    Maybe you prefer to go to the salon for your eyebrow TLC, or you might even be a tweeze-it yourself girl. Either way, a good shaping of the eyebrows can really pull a look together.


    It’s also a super quick confidence boost and makes filling in your brows wayyy quicker - thank us later…


    If you’re all about brow grooming then you can take it a step further by investing in a brow gel. These, often clear gels, allow you to brush those pesky, unruly hairs into perfect position before setting them solid. They ain’t going nowhere!




    5. Shine to the Gods


    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, you will have heard of the latest and greatest makeup product of the moment - highlighter!


    Everyone and their nan seems to own this glow inducing item and there’s a good reason for that.


    A quick sweep of one of these super shiny powders over the high points of your face will take your look to the next level. It adds the illusion structure and cheekbones, and when the light catches it you will look blinding!


    Why stop there…


    Add some to your collarbones and shoulders to accentuate your newly bronzed, spray-tanned body. Trust us, you will ooze radiance!


    night out


    See?! Getting prepped for a night out isn’t that bad after all. Just following a few simple, but solid, tried and tested steps will ensure you are night out ready and raring to go.


    Not only that, but your new found beauty regime will make you feel so sassy you might even be brave enough to pull off some new moves on the dance floor...

  • Best Parlux Hair Dryers of 2018: Power Light, Eco and Compact




    The hairdryer is undoubtedly the queen of heat tools.


    A good blow dry can make a look - no air or towel dried style carries the same volume and finesse. That’s why people pay for it…


    Now there are many hair dryers out there, however you want a professional brand. Anyone can pop to their local electrical beauty supplier and pick one up and style away at home - so you need to stand out, show ‘em why they pay you!


    Give people a reason to NEED your hair styling services.


    Or if you’re not a hairdresser, fool everybody by buying a hair dryer that gives you that salon-fresh finish.


    Say hello to Parlux…


    You’ve probably already heard of this brand as they are notorious in the industry (just search for parlux hair dryer reviews and you’ll see what we mean) - the best of the best. 


    Italians are no longer just known for their cars…


    Parlux are a quality hair dryer manufacturing brand who make all their superior quality tools in the land of top quality builds. The colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and now the Parlux.


    The business has gone from success to success from strong beginnings in the late 70’s. Quality made, but a brand who cares about cost. Parlux dryers give a lot for a small price. With a wide range of colours you can be sure to find one that matches your personality or salon decor.


    The Parlux Models…


    Parlux are a company that ensure that every model they release will be nothing short of perfection. So much so that they guarantee at least 2000 hours of motor life for EVERY hairdryer they make.


    If you’re looking for the best Parlux hair dryer, then we’ve got you sorted! We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about our favourite 3 dryers from the range…


    Parlux 385 Power Light


    Parlux 385 Power Light


    What is it?

    The Parlux 385 features the hair health boosting benefits of ionic and ceramic technology whilst still being an eco-friendly option. As the name suggests, this hair dryer is super light, so no more unexpected arm workouts when you need to blow dry your hair!

    What’s more is it has a built in silencer, which drastically reduces the noise compared to standard noisy ol’ hair dryers.



    • 2,200 hours of life
    • 2,150 watts
    • Built-in silencer
    • Cold shot button
    • 3 metre long cable
    • 4 temperatures
    • 2 speeds


    Who is it ideal for?

    We think anyone who is looking for a decent quality hair dryer will loooove this one! However, those who need to dry their hair at unsociable hours would definitely benefit from the noise reducing silencer too - more more annoyed family member s/ housemates/ neighbours!





    Any additional information?

    At Beautopia we stock this awesome hair dryer in 8 different colours! Not only that but for those of you who love some extra volume, or any curl blessed girls out there, we also stock the diffuser that pops on the end of the 385.


    Parlux 3200 Compact


    Parlux 3200 Compact

    What is it?

    Parlux have managed to fit all their usual hair dryer goodness into a smaller, more compact size. It’s more travel-friendly, easier to put away and fits right into the minimalist trend - we’re completely sold!

    A smaller model doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. Whilst smaller hair dryers can often be hard to hold and dry with, Parlux have covered their bases. They’ve implemented an ergonomic handle which keeps it balanced - meaning it’s super easy to use, reducing the likelihood of dropping it.



    • 2,000 hours of life
    • 1,900 watts
    • Cold shot button
    • 3 metre long cable
    • 4 temperatures
    • 2 speeds


    Who is it ideal for?

    This is a great option for those of you who are always on the go. Whether you’re in a rush most mornings and need to take your dryer to work, or maybe you get whisked away on weekend trips, the Parlux 3200 Hairdryer won’t take over your luggage.



    From A$129.95


    Any additional Info?

    We stock this dryer in 4 different colours and you can also reduce the noise by 40% by attaching the additional silencer - which we also sell.


    Parlux 3800 Eco Light


    Parlux 3800 Eco Light


    What is it?

    The Parlux 3800 is the most eco-friendly dryer of the range, but still equipped with hair smoothing ionic and ceramic technology.

    As well as having built-in noise reduction, this model is made of highly recyclable materials. It’s also designed to dry hair super quick, saving switch-on time - meaning less energy used (and a lower energy bill for you!).



    • 2,000 hours of life
    • 2,100 watts
    • Cold shot button
    • Built-in silencer
    • 3 metres of cable
    • 4 temperatures
    • 2 speeds


    Who is it ideal for?

    If you fancy yourself as a bit of an eco warrior, but a glamourous one at that, then this is the dryer for you! You can style your hair to perfection without having to compromise on your green ethics.



    From A$169.95


    Any additional Info?

    You can choose from 7 different colours of this model on our website, to match your decor or personality!


    What Are You Waiting For?



    Don’t just take our word for it, here’s just a few Parlux hair dryer reviews...


    • Dried even then most unruly hair quicker than other dryers
    • Easy to use and hold
    • Leaves hair smooth and silky


    A Parlux might not be as cheap as other high street brands, but they are an investment piece - ultimately making them great value for money. Some people have owned theirs for over 20 years with no trouble - now that’s impressive.


    Sounds good right, so why are you still reading? Go and get your Parlux hairdryer here now.


  • The Complete Guide to Hair Extensions: Pros, Cons, Types and Cost


    Once known as a hair solution only for the rich and famous, hair extensions have become more accessible in the last 10 or so years.


    Whether wearers are looking for long fairytale hair, or added volume, extensions can add length and oomph!


    Whatever the reason may be, hair extensions provide a lot of people with a good healthy dose of confidence and we love that about them.


    Due to the popularity of them, there are many different types on the market catering for all different budgets. With that comes varying quality and varying bond types - so in this guide we break all that down for you and by the end you’ll be hair extension savvy.


    The Different Types of Hair Used in Hair Extensions...


    Confusingly, there’s different types of hair available to buy in hair extension form. But trust us, you’ll want to get clued up - buy wrong and you’ll know about it!




    Remy hair extensions are considered to be the best quality - and for good reason. Remy hair is particularly special as it’s taken straight from the head with all the cuticles intact and in the same direction - leaving a silky smooth and tangle free, high quality finish.


    The cuticle naturally coats each hair strand, keeping it healthy and shiny. However, the cuticle isn’t one smooth layer, it’s essentially like snake skin (or armour even), with overlapping ‘scales’ that all point downwards (psst…Remy hair still keeps true to this healthy hair feature).


    remy hair By Carlina Coiffure via Wikimedia Commons



    The definition of virgin hair is hair that has not be treated with chemicals (including hair dyes) EVER. It’s taken from the head as natural as it always has been.


    Virgin hair doesn’t mean that it is still untreated when it’s sold in extension form, it only refers to the state of hair at the time of collection - meaning it then often goes through other processing to get desired colours and styles.

    Non-Remy (or Human Hair)


    This is least superior of all the human hair types. This hair is gathered from the floors of salons and temples. This means that the cuticles can be facing all different direction


    If hair was left in this mismatched state it would get matted super easy which nobody wants. So instead, the hair is often acid washed which rids it of the chemicals (and yes it’s definitely as harsh on the hair as it sounds). To regain that shiny lustre, the hair is then coated in silicone.


    However, it’s important to note that this silicone layer is only temporary. After a couple of weeks it will wash off and it will be obvious that the hair quality has significantly decreased. Once stripped of silicone the hair quality will have significantly decreased and will be very hard to work with.



    This is hair that is not natural at all. Instead it is made of plastic!


    It cannot be dyed or heat styled at all, making them very impractical. They are best kept for fancy dress or the very occasional ‘fun’ use as they are very poor quality.


    The Variety of Hair Extensions…


    Okay, once you’ve decided what type of hair you’re going for, it’s time to decide how you best want it applied to you hair. These days there’s many different bond types to suit different natural hair types and styling needs...


    Clip-in Hair Extensions


    Hair extension clip ins are wefts (pieces, essentially) of hair with clips attached to them across the top. This method is perfect for those who don’t want to make a long term commitment to extensions as they need to be removed daily.


    Cold Fusion


    Whether it’s micro or nano, these are applied with some sort of bead and NO heat - hence the name cold fusion. The hair comes in thin strands which have tips on the end. These tips along with a strand of natural hair are threaded through a bead which is clamped down to keep the extension in place.


    This is a longer-term solution and the small strands allow for more precise application than other methods.


    clip in extentions Image: Pinterest




    Thin cornrows are made in the hair and then wefts are sewn (weaved) into them. Cornrows are used as they act as a good anchor for the extensions in coarse hair types, and can be sewn into well.


    Tape In Hair Extensions


    This is newer type of way to place extensions in the hair. Each weft of hair has a strip of tape across the top.


    Then a section of natural hair is separated and the extension is placed underneath that piece, witt another extension placed over the top. This ‘sandwiches’ the hair between two taped wefts, making this a quick, no heat method.


    Hot Fusion


    As the name suggests, heat is used to form the bond between the extension piece and the natural hair. Hot fusion extensions come in individual strands with pre-glued tips (sometimes this is keratin, other times not).


    A small piece of natural hair is taken and the glue tip of the extension is wrapped around it near the root. Heat is then applied melting the glue onto the natural hair, creating that bond.


    Hair Extension Prices…


    The cost of hair extensions varies depending on hair quality and application. Remy hair is high quality so will cost more than non-remy - but it will last longer and will be much better quality.


    Clip in and tape in (with a skilled hand) hair extensions can be applied at home, so no need for additional hairdressing costs.


    The other methods definitely need the hands of a professional. As well as application cost, hot fusion, cold fusion and weaves require regular check-ups and adjustments.


    Here’s a rough cost guide of a full head of remy hair for each bond type:


    • Clip-in hair extensions - from A$250+
    • Cold fusion - from A$600+
    • Weave - from A$600+
    • Tape-in hair extensions - from A$500+
    • Hot fusion - from A$550+


    Remember, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!


    Are Hair Extensions Damaging?


    Hair damage can be the reason that people get extensions in the first place. Over bleaching and other constant chemical use can lead to breakage - hence the use of extensions.


    However, many people often wonder whether extensions are also causing more damage...


    The main point to remember is, if the extensions are heavier than your own hair, they are likely going to cause trouble. Let’s take a close look at the types of extensions we’ve covered:


    • Clip in Hair Extensions


    As clip-in extensions are taken out daily, it eliminates that constant dragging of the hair. However, the clips are heavy and overuse can weaken and damage locks. Although, what’s great about clip-in extensions is that you can regularly give your natural hair a break!


    • Beaded Tips


    Although considered one of the most secure, these bonds can damage hair and tug when brushed through. They can also get caught easily which is a painful experience!


    • Weave


    Done right and a weave isn’t too damaging. Done wrong and the tight application can put a lot of strain on the scalp which is less than healthy for it. It’s also important to have a break between every few weaves, as long term your hair won’t be happy.


    • Tape in Hair extensions


    One of the reasons these types of extensions are growing in popularity is due to the fact that they are one of the least damaging extension methods. The tape doesn’t pull on the scalp or the hair, so damage is very minimal.


    • Pre-Bonded


    If the hair extensions are pre-bonded with keratin glue then the damage is limited (as keratin is natural). It’s other glue bonds to be wary of! However, if tugged too hard, any hot fusion extensions can drag on the natural hair and pull at the scalp - ouch!


    Can Extensions Be Used On Short Or Thin Hair?


    Let’s look at short hair first…


    You need a good 3-5 inches before you can start thinking about getting extensions really. If the hair is too short then extensions will not look good - trust us. You’ll either be able to see the bonds or it’ll look like you have some very bizarre mullet!


    Once your hair has reached the ideal length, it’s best to start with tape in extensions. As these offer the lowest amount of stress on the hair. It’s an ideal bond to go with without disrupting healthy hair growth.


    Keep hair extension length modest too. It’s best not to go from 5 inch hair to 24 inch extensions. This will be hard to blend, so go for 8 to 10 inches and get a hairdresser to layer it in.


    Now thin hair…


    Extensions aren’t just about adding length, but volume too. If you have thin hair you might want to add extensions to get more oomph and that’s cool. Just remember, the wrong bond is only going to damage hair further.


    Clip ins might be ideal if you’re up for leaving your hair au naturale some days - boosting volume when needed. If not, tapes in are a great option again, thanks to their minimal weight and tugging.


    Hair Extensions Pros and Cons…


    We’ve covered A LOT of information about hair extensions, so here’s the main pros and cons to take away from each bond type…



    Clip-in Hair Extensions



    • No long term commitment
    • Ideal for occasional use
    • Can be applied at home



    • Need to be taken out and re-applied daily
    • Clips can be heavy on the hair so not suitable for everyday use
    • Clips can slip in thin hair


    Cold Fusion



    • Long-term solution
    • Individual strands means more precise and natural looking placement
    • No risk of heat damage from application



    • Time consuming application
    • Can drag and pull on natural hair and scalp
    • Bonds can be seen if not placed correctly





    • Secure tight bond for coarse hair
    • No heat or glue required
    • Long-term solution



    • Time consuming application
    • High Maintenance
    • Hair loss can occur if braids are too tight


    Tape-in Extensions



    • Minimal Damage
    • Suitable for thin hair
    • Easy and quick to apply - can be done at home



    • Can be hard to style the hair without the tape showing
    • Need to be careful not to use certain products which can disrupt the tape bond


    Hot Fusion



    • Discreet bonds
    • Individual strands means more precise and natural looking placement
    • Keratin bonds are a more natural bond



    • Time consuming application
    • Heat and glue (if not keratin) required can damage hair
    • Potential hair and scalp damage from tugging

    Hair Extensions Before and After (& Some Quick Tips)...


    It’s time to see the results for yourself. Precise application and good quality hair can produce unbelievable results. In fact, done correctly and it won’t even look like you’re wearing extensions, just take a look at these…


    Clip in Hair Extensions Before and After



    Cold Fusion Before and After


    long and short Image: Pinterest

    Weave Before and After


    weave Image: Pinterest


    Tape-in Before and After



    Hot Fusion Before and After


    hot fusion Image: Pinterest


    These pics are real life proof of the power of hair extensions. However, maintaining a top quality finish is going to take some extra care for the wearer. Here are a few hair extension tips:


    • If buying clip-in hair extensions it’s worth getting them professional fitted and cut to suit your hair style the first time. It will boost up the cost, but it will look incredible!


    • Make sure to schedule regular check-ups and touch-ups to keep your extensions looking in tip-top condition, as well as keeping your natural hair as nourished as possible.


    • Avoid tugging and harsh brushing of the hair. Take the time to wash your tresses carefully so the bonds don’t get tangled. Also blow drying your hair will give a shinier finish.


    • Regularly wash your clip-in extensions - don’t neglect them!


    • Avoid the use of silicone or oil based products near the bonds if you have tape in extensions. This could disrupt the bond and cause the extensions to slip and lose their hold.


    There you have it! Whilst there is a method to suit all, we are loving the newer tape-in method which allows for super healthy natural hair to be maintained even when longer or more voluminous locks are wanted!

  • Hairdressing Scissors (Why Buying Professional Tools Matters)


    Maybe you’re fresh out of hairdressing college armed with knowledge and a desire to style the world.


    Perhaps you’ve been in the industry for a while and you’re looking to mix it up with some new tools.


    So you start with the most obvious (and most definitely required) piece of equipment… SCISSORS!


    You’re super excited at the prospect at some fresh new blades to snip away and create some of the best masterpieces of your life, but wait…


    This is headache inducing. Too. Many. Scissors!


    Some cost pennies, others will need you to remortgage your house. Where to start?


    Calm down, we’re here for you! We know how important it is for a hairdresser to have a decent pair of scissors if you want to be the next Vidal Sassoon. However, we don’t want to go crippling your bank account.


    It’s important to note that not all scissors are created equally. Whilst $1 scissors probably are going to be cheap and nasty, it doesn’t mean that the priciest pair are the best.


    multiple scissors


    How Poorly Made Scissors Can Cost More Than Your Next Paycheck…

    It’s important to research into the brand you’re buying. No one wants to be caught out mid-cut on a fussy client. However, buy bad quality and expect the following:


    Scissors That Won’t Last

    You might think you’re saving yourself some serious pennies, but in fact it’ll work out more expensive in the long run. Scissors that aren’t made with care and precision will most likely not last long. The blades might wear out quickly, or to be honest, the whole tools might fall apart - yikes!


    Dodgy Looking Cuts

    Instead of your clients leaving with envious locks that look super healthy and perfectly preened, poor quality scissors will have the opposite effect. Cheap blades can often be blunt, meaning they don’t ‘glide’ through the hair effortlessly. Say hello to damaged and split ends - *cringe*!


    split ends


    Aching Hands

    Cheaply manufactured scissors aren’t concerned with your happiness. They can dig in your hands in ways you didn’t even know about, turning your day job into your worst nightmare. Professionally made scissors keep your comfort in mind and don’t make hairdressing a chore.


    Why professionally made scissors will change your life…


    Okay, maybe a slight over exaggeration, but they will take your hairdressing skills to another level and who doesn’t want to improve?


    Here’s why you need to make a quality scissor purchase:


    1. They Stand the Test of Time

    Buy well and look after them as per the instructions, and you’ve got yourself a BFF for a good few years. Just make sure to get them sharpened every 6-12 months and keep them well oiled and clean.


    2. They Won’t Embarrass You

    Is there anything more mortifying as a hairdresser than having to present a client with what is probably the worst cut you’ve done since you snipped at your barbies hair?!

    Whilst scissors can’t be held accountable for your skills, they can help you out with keeping cuts looking fresh and clean. No scraggly ends to see here thank you very much!


    3. They Make Cutting a Breeze

    Well made cutting tools are designed with your hands in mind - no more worries about carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, the best scissors will feel almost non-existent, making light work of snipping and chopping.


    cutting wet hair


    Enter, Jaguar Scissors…

    If you’re feeling more educated, but a teeny bit overwhelmed after reading this it’s going to be okay. We’ve already done our research and found a brand that hairdressers can trust.

    Jaguar scissors have been made with professionals in mind, whilst considering all budgets. Even famous hair stylist Nicky Clarke is a firm believer in this brand that won’t break the bank.

    This original German steel company branched out into scissor production in the late 60’s and haven’t looked back since. Germans are known for their efficiency and it is more than evident when it comes to Jaguar scissors.


    Why Jaguar are Top Quality…


    When manufacturing Jaguar scissors, the strictest standards are followed to produce a top quality product every time - meaning you won’t be left out in the lurch.

    Whether it’s just a quick trim or a knee-length barnet to a bob, Jaguar scissors are the one - designed to handle even the most challenging of cuts.


    • Cutting Life

    Buy badly and don’t expect much to get much time with your tools. Jaguar’s manufacturing and checking process is insanely thorough.

    From state-of-the art machinery through to super qualified quality checkers. Jaguar doesn't let anything less than perfect leave their factory.

    The high quality steel used ensures a long-lasting sharpness, especially when taken care of correctly. To achieve these durable blades, Jaguar uses an innovative ice treatment to stop the shears from dulling.


    • Cutting Action

    Jaguar’s blades are super precise, with precision up to one hundredth of a millimeter. How do they do that you ask…

    Well Jaguar don’t skimp when it comes to utilising the very best in scissor manufacturing technology. A special grinding system, as well as a computer assisted bending process, create unbelievable accuracy.


    • Sharpness

    Jaguar pride themselves on their scissor’s precision and therefore the whole range features perfectly sharpened blades. The hollow grinding and honing that’s carried out to achieve this sleek design means each pair is ideal for slice cutting.


    Here are a few of our picks:


    Kamiyu scissors

    Japanese craftsmanship is coveted in the hairdressing world, hence why Jaguar has combined their production expertise with this traditional style.


    silver glitter scissors

    Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? If you MUST have funky looking scissors then these are for you. This glitzy design doesn’t compromise on quality - with relaxed, precise cutting being this scissor’s style.


    left hand scissors

    Lefties don’t need to feel left out either! We stock a range of Jaguar left-handed scissors, including thinning scissors. These JP10 are designed with your comfort in mind.


    However, that’s not all…

    At Beautopia you can see that we stock a wide range of Jaguar hairdressing scissors as we’re big believers in them, so we’re confident you can find a pair that fit you and your budget!

  • How To Achieve Instagram-Worthy Coloured Hair (with Cruelty-Free Dye)

    Calling all serial Instagram scrollers…

    Don’t deny it, we all do it!

    We know you've stalked more people than you'd dare to mention on Instagram in search of the latest hair trend. Constantly double tapping, but never quite brave enough to take the plunge yourself.

    Or maybe you’re a stylist who want to branch out into more colourful dye jobs - we know you’re clients will be excited!

    Time to get confident and do whatever the heck you want with your hair! Coloured hair is a way to showcase your personality and make a statement. Nothing shouts “I’m sassy and I know it!” like a head of flowing pastel locks!

    Fortunately, Arctic Fox is here to hold your hand and guide you into the world of Instagram worthy hair!

    What are Arctic Fox Dyes?

    Formulated to be completely vegan, Arctic Fox are leading the way for cruelty-free, semi-permanent coloured hair dyes. Not to mention they’re super affordable at only $18.95 per bottle! Meaning they aren’t going to break the bank - we can definitely get on board with that.

    With colours across the spectrum, Arctic Fox dyes are perfect for unleashing your wildest imagination - we’re coming for your mermaid hair. Plus, they’re super easy to use, so no more excuses!

    That’s not all…

    If you often worry about the chemicals involved with colouring your hair, Arctic Fox have got you girl! All their dyes are formulated WITHOUT ammonia, PPD, peroxide or ethyl alcohol. So you can be sure your hair won’t be completely dry and lifeless after using. In fact, Arctic Fox dyes are actually conditioning, so your hair will look AND feel fab after use.

    Not only are these a popular choice for home dye diy-ers, but they’re also a favourite among salon professionals. No doubt thanks to the awesome results and the long-lasting effects - yep even from a semi-permanent dye!


    colourful hair

    How to Use Arctic Fox Dyes

    Arctic Fox has taken the stress out of hair dying. No mixing required (unless diluting beforehand), the colour is hair ready straight from the bottle - now that is what we like to hear.

    You may have to lighten your hair, or at least sections of it, before applying Arctic Fox dyes. The general rule is, the lighter your hair, the more vivid the colour will come out, the darker your hair, the more subtle the colour will come out.

    Get Creative (or Re-Creative…)

    If you want a hair change, but you don’t know what colours would suit you, Instagram is your friend. Or maybe you’re a hair stylist and you need some fresh colour inspo for those more ‘out-there’ clients of yours.

    However great it is to spend hours scrolling away, we’ve decided to make the decision less overwhelming for you and we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite looks for you to recreate!

    Trust us, it was hard to pick, but we’ve gone with a range of looks and difficulty levels, so you’re bound to find a new ‘do that suits you - or your client!

    Grunge Gal

    Whether you’re just not about those rainbow colours, or you’re testing the coloured dye waters, this is an awesome grunge-y look. Psst…it’s also super easy, so this is one for all you lazy people out there! All you need is the Arctic Fox ‘Transylvania’ dye and their ‘Arctic Mist Diluter’.

    Transylvania is a super jet black, but add in some of the diluter to reach the perfect grey. Then slap the colour over the ends and roughly up towards the root - but don’t go all the way to the scalp. Don’t worry about it looking perfect as that’s most definitely part of the look.

    This works best on those with very dark brown or black hair, so if that’s not you, just dye the roots first.

    Highlight Them Curls Gurlllll…

    If you are blessed with a full head of angelic curls, then you need to show the world what you’ve got. Highlights of pink and purple are sure-fire way to make a statement.

    Take Arctic Fox’s ‘Virgin Pink’ and ‘Purple Rain’ and run slight brush strokes of the colours along random bits of hair until you’ve reached your desired coverage.

    Or start with pink near your roots and ombre into purple at your ends, because why not!?

    Feeling Bright?

    Why not try arguably the brightest you can get...yellow!?

    To achieve this luminous, super happy yellow colour mix Arctic Fox’s ‘Neon Moon’ and ‘Cosmic Sunshine’ together until you reach your desired shade.

    Then apply all over your hair - starting with the roots and working down. Now you might need someone to help you, because missing a patch of hair with a colour like this will not look forgiving. However, the work will definitely be worth the end result!


    Modern Day Barbie

    Silver hair was BIG in 2017, so why not up the trend with some pink tips?

    You’re going to need both Arctic Fox’s ‘Sterling’ and ‘Virgin Pink’ colours for this one.

    Dilute the first colour, with the Arctic Mist Diluter, until you have a platinum silver. Then apply from your roots until… well wherever you want it to end.

    Afterwards, take Virgin Pink and dilute until you have a candy floss colour and apply from the end of the silver to the tips.


    Make a Short Hair Statement

    Got short hair and you just don’t care! Except now you’re wondering if you’ve got enough to pull off a statement colour?

    Fear not!

    In fact, pull off TWO statement colours, they’re no rules here! We’re loving the half and half look, using Arctic Fox’s ‘Virgin Pink’ and ‘Poseidon’ colours.

    Just section your hair into two and apply the pink colour one side and the blue on the other - making sure to start from the roots.



    What Are You Waiting For?

    Literally, you don’t need to… at Beautopia, we stock Arctic Fox so you don’t have to wait for weeks, or worry about customs, to get your hands on these gorgeous colours.

    These cruelty-free, vegan dyes are BOMB and that’s without the harsh chemicals - ammonia, PPD, peroxide or ethyl alcohol,

    Arctic Fox is also a great range to stock at a salon. Expand your hairdressing horizons by venturing into a rainbow of colours and looks…you’ll certainly be the talk of the town, but definitely for all the right reasons!

    If you’re looking to recreate any of these looks, then get shopping here for your favourite colours!

    We’d love to see the finished product, so don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram shots (@beautopia_australia)!


  • Tizz the Season for Coconut Oil……

    As our hair is about to take on those summer months of humidity, its hello frizziness, and uncooperative hair styles! How can we minimize the impacts? Say hello to Coconut Oil!

    The coconut oil trend is taking over, and boy it is making a big impact in the hair care market. It’s a no-brainer that coconut oils are high in antioxidants, providing deep moisturizing nourishment that cleanses all types of hair. If you can land your hands on to the ArganiCare Natural Range – it’s added bonus of certified organic oils are chemical free and don’t have any hidden nasties!… Ahhhhhh feel the difference. Plus this unique range adds instant elasticity and strengthens hair by increasing its resistance to breakage.

    We have all had the annoying issue of dandruff from time to time, coconut oil hair care products are proven to offer relief with regular use. How you say? Using coconut oil products instantly absorbs into the scalp, offering a quick dose of natural antifungal and antiviral properties that build strength and immunity. Your everyday supermarket range of hair care are full of chemicals, that can stop growth and weaken hair.

    Check out the product bios below and how you can get your hands on them! Remember use the unique code "BEAUTY20" at the checkout to enjoy a first buy discount at

    Argani Care Natural Hair Coconut Shampoo 400ml

    Enriched with previous organic oils of Argan and    Coconut, this is a perfect way to gently cleanse hair while maintaining it’s natural hydration and provides a deep nourishment.







    Arganic Care Natural Hair Coconut Conditioner 400ml

    The unique formulation of this conditioner helps renew the natural structure of your hair, restoring it’s strength and luster.








    Arganic Care Natural Hair Serum 100ml

    A serum in the market that maintains the correct moisture balance of the hair cuticle, helping to promote growth, leaving your hair silky soft shiny and full of volume.





    Arganic Care Natural Hair Masque 500ml

    A replenishing organic oil that provides vitamin – rich nutrition to smooth the hair cuticle. From the first application your hair will have an exceptional shine and be easy to comb and style!



    Complete the look!

    Coconut oil is a proven styling oil for hair, the products from the Arganic Care Natural Hair Care work as a styling product as well! When applying the product, it spreads evenly due to the heat of the scalp, that soon afterwards the oils in the hair condenses and works as a styling gel or cream! You’ll be walking out salon look ready all in the comfort of your home and cha-ching saved your money by doing it yourself.

    Products that would help you complete the look? The Olivia Garden hair brush range, in stock now!

    Olivia Garden Smooth Divine Boar Combo Paddle

    photo credit @oliviagardenint

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